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“As long as there are teenagers falling in love with music, books, art, and each other, there will be coming of age stories like Elizabeth Beck’s Summer Tour. Hop on summer Phish tour with Sam and his ‘family’ as they travel the country in an RV named Suby Greenberg, learning how to get by, stay high, and navigate the maze of American adolescence.” -Peter Conners, author of Growing Up Dead: The Hallucinated Confessions of a Teenage Deadhead  

Painted Daydreams: Collection of Ekphrastic Poems

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“B. Elizabeth Beck’s Painted Daydreams is a multi-media experience: While evoking canonic images from artistic icons and iconoclasts alike, from Rothko to O’Keeffe to Basquiat, these ekphrastic poems also allow a reader to eavesdrop on intimate conversations between Beck and these artists who inspire her—the whispers in Van Gogh’s one good, remaining ear backed by psychedelic riffs from Phish and the Grateful Dead. All the while, Beck’s life in Kentucky—the collection’s vivid underpainting—peers through, ensuring that though these poems may well have sprung from the staid environs of art museums, they breathe and sweat in the vivid, living world.” -Jessica Jacobs

“Taken together, the formally diverse and kaleidoscopically (allusionistically!) rich Ekphrastic poems in B. Elizabeth Beck’s collection Painted Daydreams are a lot more than responses to (or even meditations on) works of visual art. They are a reminder that to live an artful life is to see the art in everything one does, and to feel it in everything one experiences, whether that’s out on a run listening to Phish, walking barefoot in a river, or staring searchingly into a Rosa Bonheur painting and finding there one’s own complicated relationship to the world. Painted Daydreams is itself a vivid portrait of the mind in motion over a lifetime, looking at and being with/in art. As such, it electrifies not only art, but the desire to be alive.” -Matt Hart


Mysterious and musical, stitched with an almost-narrative that disappears and reappears like thread, Interiors offers a glimpse into one poet’s transformational journey. -George Ella Lyon, ’15-’16 poet laureate of Kentucky.

Interiors is full of doorways, transoms, locks, and entryways as well as a claw-footed tub – and poems that explore the furnishings of the mind and heart. Elizabeth Beck’s first book of artful poems centers on the theme of “writing about writing about my life”. Her house is our house.     -Richard L. Taylor, ’99-’01 poet laureate Kentucky.

My poems and essays have found homes in various journals and anthologies, including The Blue Mountain Review,  Suisan Valley Review, Kudzu Magazine, Poetica Magazine, Her Limestone Blues Anthology,  TRIVIA, Chaffey Review, Evening Street Review, Pluck!, Red River Review, Rusty Nail, Harvard Education Press

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